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There is nothing more frightening than honesty. If you talk about what you think, believe, there is nothing between you and people judging you. If you are honest, and say what you think, people will judge you kindly and with respect.


In 1999, moved to NJ USA from India. Soon enough, found I have Type 2 Diabetes.  For initial few years, didn't care and worry about it. Then one day landed in ER. Realized, Dude you need to be serious.


Started becoming conscious of my diet, exercised regularly. What the heck, doing everything, still my quality of life was not where I wanted to be. Medicines tripled over 10 years. 

In my journey to find balance and create vibrant health, my Devine connected me to friends who became by teachers. They made me realize that i need to be open minded and Create Peace with all elements   -  Mind, Body and Soul. 

Make them work in harmony to create health.

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